Learn the 7 Secrets Dental Specialist Practices MUST know & use to create success.

Ready to grow your Endodontic, Periodontic or Oral Surgery practice? Dr. Garth Hatch is dedicated to helping specialists achive more abundance and freedom. He knows what it’s like to try to grow a endodontic in a competitive market. In this FREE Report, you’ll learn the SEVEN SECRETS Dr. Hatch teaches to help others all over the world create thriving practices like his.

Get more referrals, increased team efficiency, and higher profits

"He took my existing dental practice and added business savvy, marketing skills, a ton of communication skills and a perspective of care that has taken me closer to my dream professionally and personally."
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Leverage Strategies = Freedom

Implementing the right systems and strategies is the key to a successful dental specialist practice.
We’ll help you find joy in your practice and in your life again.

We'll train you and your team on how to develop efficient systems to increase your practice profitability.

Efficient Systems

We’ll teach you how to maximize your space and equipment for ultimate efficiency.
Develop a team of "Rock Stars" who enjoy their work and confidently help you build a profitable dental practice.

Rock Star Team

Employees become results-focused and gain a sense of ownership for the success of the practice.
Wow your patients with exceptional care. Make them feel cared for and important - soon they'll be talking about you and sending referrals your way.

Exceptional Care

Learn to WOW your patients, increasing referrals and profit per patient.

Your best practice is closer than you think!

We know from experience that dental specialty practices require specific referral based strategies and systems that generate the greatest return for effort. Now is the time to begin your transformation!

We offer two effective methods to help your practice succeed. Click below to learn more about the training and coaching we offer.

Learn how to grow your dental specialist practice and have happy customers, successful staff, and a more fulfilling career.
Dr. Garth Hatch, president and founder of Dental Specialist Institute and practicing endodontist in Kennewick, Washington.

Dr. Garth W. Hatch is President and Founder of Dental Specialist Institute, and he maintains a successful private group endodontic practice in Kennewick Washington. Dr. Hatch has authored several articles relating to endodontics and has lectured both nationally and internationally.  He is dedicated to helping specialists create the practice of their dreams and achieve more abundance and freedom. 

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Learn the 7 Secrets Dental Specialist Practices MUST know & use to create success.

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